Burton Angling Festival

Leading the way on day one was geordie exile Dennis Armstrong no stranger to success at Burton he drew peg 15 on Sherrats farm and opened is account with a thumping 31lb 10oz of waggler caught roach.Runner-up Peter Salt drawn peg5 on Broadholme island fished similar for 21lb 2oz of nice roach.Third went to Brian Rigby drawn on the Crown Meadow peg12 changed to  a groundbait feeder attack for twenty skimmers for 16lb 3oz

Day 1

1 D Armstrong Matchman Supplies 31lb 10oz

2 P Salt Newark  21lb 2oz

3 B Rigby dh angling 16lb 3 oz

4 K Rutter Burton 15 lb

5 N Bull Nathans 14lb 8oz.

Day two catches dipped a bit mainly due to bright and blustery conditions,Nottingham sparky Wayne Truman drawn downstream end peg at Shardlow fished a tidy match on the long pole with hemp and tares for 16lb 12 oz of nice roach,hemp again scored for runner-up Toby Bunting fishing long pole on peg 1at Bailey's for 15lb 6oz of roach.Third below the weir at Bailey's on peg 23 was Nicky Atkins fishing stickfloat and maggots for a mixed bag of roach,dace,chub and perch for 13lb 11oz.

The overall was taking shape with Peter Salt winning his section at Shardlow with 10lb plus of dace to move onto 2 pts.


1 W Truman Matchman Supplies 16lb 12oz

2 T Bunting Sutton 15lb 6oz

3 N Atkins Chesterfield 13lb 11oz

4 R Quinn Shakespeare 13lb 6oz

5 S Merry Bait-Tech 11lb 6oz.

Day three with the river patchy quite a few anglers we're in with a chance of making the overall prize list the atmosphere was buzzing at the draw,most of the front runners drew well, with Peter Salt heading for the good pegs at the top of Sherrats farm but you've still got to catch them!.

Dave Wray had not been having a good Festival but he had a chance to redeem himself drawn  3 at Shardlow a noted Barbel peg. but these monsters don't give themselves up.Five hours later after feeding 6 pints of hemp and casters, fishing the straight lead he hooked four landing three  for 35lb 13oz the biggest going 13lb 7oz! A great performance and a nice match win.Runner-up and last in the drawbag was the brilliant Tony Marshall unbelievably he drew the peg where he nailed 40lb of roach last year! and he didn't disappoint fishing 16m long lining hemp he netted quality roach for 29lb 10oz.Third after a peg to peg battle with Wayne Truman was Peter Salt who edged him with 22lb 8oz to 20lb 14oz for the all important third section win. 

After three days excellent fishing and three all important section wins Peter Salt is the 2015 Burton Festival champion incredibly his third win since its inception 8 years ago


1D Wray Quorn AS 35lb 13oz

2 T Marshall Shakespeare 29lb 10oz

3 P Salt Newark 22lb 8oz

4 W Truman Matchman Supplies20lb 14oz

5 C Walton Dynamite Baits 15lb 12oz.

Festival overall on section points ties on weight

1 P Salt.         3

2 B Rigby.      4

3 T Bunting.   6

4 W Truman.  7

5 R Quinn       8

6 P Warren.    8

7 N Bull.         9

8 T Marshall. 10

The organizes would like to thank all our event sponsors,Shakespeare,Coors and Wovencrest for their support also a big thanks to Coors ac members and the EA baliffs for help weighing in and stewarding,also the Washlands Sports club for there bar and fine food.