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Blue Shark caught by Richard Livingstone

Date : 01.11.2010
Caught by : TrevorG
Fish caught in : Falmouth
Fishing style : Drift fishing for shark
Tackle used : Abu Spinning Rod
Length :
Weight : Estimated 40lbs
Fish released? : Yes
Weather : Slight breeze

Richard told us: I'm a great fan of Abu fishing gear and even more so after this fishy tale! Richard hooked the shark whilst fishing for Gar to fill in the time waiting for shark to come up the chum trail. The amazing thing is that when it came to the boat it was not hooked in the scissors and when he eventually landed it the shark bit straight through the trace line. The only thing that he can think of is that the line had gone through a set of it's teath like floss and miraculously not cut? It was a semi targeted fish as they were fishing for gar with 10lb hook length and got bitten through by sharks so they upped to 40lb thinking it may be a laugh to have one on for a couple of seconds. Luckly it ended up being 40 mins or so. And the skipper did a blinding job following it with the boat. Richard was still amazed that the line and everything else held together.
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